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Cabinet Panel Types

Raised Panel

Custom raised panel cabinet bezel/emboss

Raised panels are defined by a lifted portion of the

panel face and sometimes have inner grooves

Flat Panel

Custom flat cabinet panel

Flat or slab panels are usually considered to be contemporary

or modern and feature a streamlined appearance

Beaded Panel

Custom beaded cabinet panel

Often considered the most intricate type, beaded panels

typically feature inner vertical lines 

Reverse Raised Panel

Custom raised cabinet panel

Also known as a recessed panel, this cabinet type features

an inset face that adds beauty to any room

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Cabinet Material Types

*Not all options are available for every cabinet. View our catalog to check out all of your customization options




Alder/Knotty Alder





The main difference in cabinet wood is the grain style which can effect the appearence of your cabinets. All of our cabinets have long-lasting strength that will last a lifetime. With 24+ materials it can be hard to know what's best. Our most common choices are above but we also offer options such as Thermofoil, Laminate, PET, Duraform, & more.

What's the difference between stain and paint?


Wood stains are often used to keep the natural character and feel of the wood grain while still offering a wide selection of various colors. If you're wanting to retain the texture and authenticity of wood, stains can be an excellent choice.


If color is the most important decision for you then choosing a painted cabinet may be the best choice for you. Painted cabinets offer an unmatched selection of colors to choose from that can easily fit into any existing or new spaces.

Natural cherry wood sienna stain finish

Cherry Sienna Stain

Natural cherry brandy wood stain finish

Cherry Brandy Stain

Natural cherry toffee wood stain finish

Cherry Toffee Stain

Custom cabinet paint finishes olympic green

Olympic Paint

Custom cabinet paint finishes stucco white

Stucco Paint

Custom cabinet paint finishes dogwood pink

Dogwood Paint

Natural cherry wood French roast stain finish

Cherry French Roast Stain

Natural cherry wood thundercloud stain finish

Cherry Thundercloud Stain

Natural cherry wood sun bleached stain finish

Cherry Sunbleached Stain

Custom cabinet paint finishes Makena yellow

Makena Paint

Custom cabinet paint finishes cityscape black

Cityscape Paint

Custom cabinet paint finishes pavestone gray

Pavestone Paint

What is a glaze & highlight?


Glazing is a method used to make each cabinet look unique and have more depth. Most often a glaze & highlight are done together to add depth and to define the details on doors, moldings and accessories. Changes the overall patina of the finish color.


Highlighting is an additional color that is applied only in certain areas, typically by hand, to accentuate the details. Highlighting can be applied to most cabinets independently without any glazing. Highlighting can add the extra pop that your kitchen needs to stand out.

Custom cabinetry highlight and glaze

Example of a glaze & highlight finish

Custom cabinetry highlighted panel

Example of a highlight finish

Example of a classic paint only finish

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