Whether it's in the kitchen or the bathroom, new construction or a simple remodel, cabinets add tremendous function and design style to your space. There are many decisions to make when choosing cabinets, so our professional cabinet designers are here to walk you through each step and streamline your project. CFM offers an unsurpassed selection of door styles, wood species, and finishes to help you build the perfect solution for your project. All of our cabinetry is made-to-order and constructed in the United States!

Meet our Design Team and Get Started!

Find the most convenient CFM showroom for you and meet our professional cabinet designers who will turn your vision into reality.

Contact the designer to schedule an Initial Design Consultation appointment to start the process towards completing your new kitchen, bathroom, office space, or whole house. Learn about the different types of cabinetry, options for efficient and accessible storage, and how to maintain your cabinets with their lifetime warranty.

What to Expect at Initial Design Consultation:

  • Timeline: Define the time frame for your project
  • Scope of Project: Understanding the parameters will greatly help us guide you through the selections
  • Must-Haves and Wish Lists: Discuss what your project requires and what would be ideal to include and consider
  • Explore Designs and Styles: Enjoy discovering the vast possibilities to find what suits your project best

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