Carpet Cushion

The carpet cushion you choose is just as important as the carpet itself. Choose luscious, soft carpet cushion to minimize noise, maximize warmth, prioritize your family’s comfort and extend the life of your floor.

Why Carpet Cushion?

Carpet cushion, or padding, is the unseen comfort that makes your carpet look and feel great. Carpet cushion supports the floor by minimizing noise and maximizing warmth and can even extend the life of your carpet.


Benefits of padding:

     • Supports your carpet, helping it last longer
     • Gives your carpet a richer, thicker, softer feel
     • Brings warmth and quiet to your home by absorbing sound
     • Increases insulation, making your space more energy efficient
     • Keeps your carpet cleaner, allowing greater air flow and dirt removal during vacuuming

Carpet Cushion at CFM


High-end rubber carpet pad, ideal over slab concrete and in high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways because it is very resilient.


     • 0.415" thick
     • 12 SY per roll
     • 105 OZ rubber XD (21lb)
     • Ideal for radiant heated floors

     • Triple Protection

            Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial
            Block-Out® thermo-reinforced top barrier
            Thermo-reinforced bottom barrier 
     • Hypoallergenic


A top selling carpet cushion that features memory foam comfort and moisture barrier for the ultimate clean carpet. Adding pad can extend the life of your carpet, as well as adding thermal properties and comfort underfoot.


     • 1/2" thick

     • Bonded with ViscoTouch Memory Foam
     • 30 SY per roll
     • R2X spill barrier
     • Antimicrobial
     • Hypoallergenic

Ultimate 8

Economical upper-medium choice that offers a higher density and a moisture barrier. This pad is preferable for higher traffic areas of your home.


     • 8lb Rebond
     • 7/16" thick
     • 30 SY per roll
     • Hypoallergenic

     • Great for all residential uses

Super 6

This padding is your choice for apartments and rentals. It’s our most economical pad. Great for spaces where it will likely be replaced every few years.


     • 6lb Rebond

     • 7/16" thick
     • 30 SY per roll
     • Hypoallergenic