Angie Schierman


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Angie has been designing cabinets since 2005 and has worked with over 14 different manufacturers on projects large and small. In addition to having a keen eye for design, she also has the patience to work with clients at their own pace. Outside of work Angie enjoys spending time with her sister and friends wine tasting, watching Seahawk football games, and doing her own projects on her house.

Daniel Birch


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Self-expression, functionality, and relaxation. Your kitchen is one of the most versatile places in your home and is an extension of your personality. It should provide peace in the morning with a cup of coffee, an accessible and functional cooking space, and the place to gather with family & friends. After a few years in full kitchen design with a specific focus on cabinet design, Daniel has the experience and knowhow to pull your whole space together to give you the best of visual design along with the best in functionality. “With an understanding of your wants/needs/desires, together we can make your dream come to life!”

Ryan Allen


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Starting in the home improvement industry in 2002, Ryan entered the cabinet design profession in 2012. He possesses extensive product knowledge in the areas of cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Over years of experience, Ryan has developed a good awareness of the client’s desired aesthetics and the preferred function of their new cabinets. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he has an understanding of human nature to assist with both the pressures of decision making and the art of compromise while still making the process enjoyable. Connecting with customers on a personal level is what makes the field of design so enjoyable for Ryan, which is evident in the satisfaction and confidence his clients have with the level of customer service he provides.

Renee Lopes


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Renee has been in the design and remodeling industry for 21 years so she understands the process (and the stresses) that are associated with it. She enjoys guiding customers through this process whether it’s designing their forever home or updating their current home before selling. Her goal is to bring great design and style ideas to the table to make you fall in love with your new kitchen or bathroom. In her spare time she enjoys wine tasting with her husband and friends and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Blade Rittiman


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The kitchen is the heart of your home. Growing up in the industry of build and design, Blade brings a passion and energy for helping people. Being a father and the chef of his own family, he’s been there, and wants to help you bring function and peace to a busy space.
On his free time he enjoys staying active anything from gardening to basketball.

Jenn Mariano

North Seattle

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Jenn has been in the home improvement industry since 1998 and specifically as a cabinet designer since 2012. She has a broad understanding of all design types from ultra-modern to classic traditional and enjoys creating designs that speak to her clients taste and personal style. Jenn and her husband love to travel and enjoy hikes in the great northwest with their dog. She also enjoys gardening and interior paining on the weekends.

Heather Young


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Heather joined the remodel industry in 2009 and has been designing cabinets since 2012. With a passion for cabinetry and puzzle solving, Heather works with clients to create beautiful spaces that function with ease. Understanding that every project is unique in scope and budget, her goal is to make your kitchen and bath dreams a reality through developing relationships, education, and listening to your wants and needs. In her free time, Heather loves reading and exploring all that Portland has to offer.

Rob Cole


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Robert has been in the cabinet industry his entire life. As a young child he worked in his father’s shop and developed an attention to detail and care for the finished product that still drives his decisions to this today. Robert has decades of professional design and installation experience that he uses on a daily basis to support our team of talented designers and amazing customers. Robert’s goal is to ensure that all kitchens sold at CFM not only look great, but function well and are able to be installed as intended.

Chelsea Jackson


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Design has been Chelsea’s calling her entire life, ranging from floral design, interior/exterior design and currently cabinet design. She’s been hands-on with the home remodeling process so she knows the rewards and hiccups that come with these types of projects. Chelsea would love to turn your vision into reality and has all the patience needed to help guide you through the process.

Shane Beck


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Born and raised in a construction family, Shane is an industry lifer. Having held both white collar and blue collar positions in the industry, his diverse background helps to provide a wealth of experience to the team. He is passionate about cabinetry because of its ability to improve our daily lives through personalized function and beautiful aesthetics. Skilled in both cabinetry design and installation, Shane provides valuable support to our design team and customers.

Josh Polvogt


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Josh began his cabinetry design career 15 years ago. In the course of those years he’s worked with many cabinet manufacturers and even owned a cabinet design firm providing both local custom and custom manufactured cabinetry through the Portland metro area. He thinks artistically as well as functionally to help clients determine the best solution for their specific projects. And he does it in 3D! His satisfaction comes from knowing he’s helped match a client’s expectations to reality at every step of the process and has developed friendships at the same time. Relationships are important, especially with Josh and his family. He loves spending time with his 3 children who are active in sports, robotics, hiking, camping and many other activities. When you meet Josh, you’ll know immediately he’s passionate about improving lives – and often times that starts with a new kitchen!

Kevin Clark


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Kevin has been collaborating, designing, and selling cabinetry in the Portland metro for over 6 years and takes personal enjoyment in accounting for his clients’ lifestyle and taste. He is eager to help you with any design needs including space planning, color selection, and internal organization systems. He knows that the devil is in the details and has a keen eye for the materials and the design process. Kevin’s focus is always on the clients’ needs and wants; from bathroom vanities to full home remodels, every project is personal.